Information + Prices on commissioned paintings

Commissioned art is as old as art

  • “As commissioned paintings are referred to, which were painted on the basis of a concrete order. “Oil paintings and murals created as commissioned works were for centuries part of artistic creation.” Königskaus and princely houses were important contractors for artists and painters A considerable proportion of the works of old masters exhibited today in renowned art museums around the world, such as Albrecht Dürer, Peter Paul Rubens, Caspar David Friedrich or Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, are the result of orders from wealthy clients and patrons. ” (from painting, called Sept 2018)
  • “In the meantime, commissioned art has become as natural as in pre-modern, nobility-and-church times, whether it’s company foyers or flagship stores, living rooms and yachts by private collectors, stage sets, cafes, wine labels – there’s almost nothing artists do not (from Auftraggeber-kuenstler-auftragskunst-einflussmarkt, called Sept 2018).

Commissioned art at Hoseus

  • A large part of the works of HOSEUS are commissioned works. Companies and private individuals want to decorate their beautiful rooms with something really individual, customized and personal. The idea for the motif can originate from the client, from HOSEUS or arise in dialogue. The commissioned works by HOSEUS carry the typical HOSEUS style but can certainly be adapted in color and format.
  • You can order an existing painting of HOSEUS with your desired measurements or order a painting with your idea. We are happy to advise you. Several designs (normaly three) are created for evaluation and selection. Commissioned works usually cost including the designs for an edge length of
    • < 1 m: 2500.- €, (e. g. 0,8x 0,6m)
    • < 2 m: 4000.- € (e. g. 0,8x 1,5 m or 1,5 x 1,9m) or
    • < 3 m: 5000.- € (e. g. 1,5 x 2,3 m or 2,5 x 2,8).

    Any deviating prices (due to particular complexity, material, etc.) will be communicated in advance in the offer and will only be valid upon written order placement. The shipping within Germany is free.

=> Examples of commissioned paintings by HOSEUS

If you are interested in a commissioned artwork don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Via eMail:kontakt hoseus
  • Phone: +49 172/6262652

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