Art: Paintings with fusion-technique by HOSEUS

Association in canvas picture and sculpture

  • Artist-Couples have always been influenced symbiotically. As muse, mentor, energy poles, idea generator, etc., they stimulate each other in their respective arts. This is exactly the same with Krimhilde and Harro Hoseus, especially in sculpture.
  • But Fusionstechnique of HOSEUS is even more: After both had become a couple, it did not take long for them to come up with a common idea and suddenly stand together on the canvas and worked on them with paintbrushes. It happened! Since then, they have been creating their entire art together, painting together on a picture or planning and putting together a sculpture. That’s why your paintings and sculptures have only one name. Initially, the signature ATELIER fratz, after their marriage, they finally changed that in their common civil name HOSEUS.